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planthooQ. Plant Hook attachment system for various crops

The Qlipr crop clamping system is future-proof! Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen introduces the Plant Hook, named: PlanthooQ. This new hook attachment system. The system is available in different lengths and offers maximum flexibility for various crops. Another new product is the Cord, named Qord. A cord made from special synthetic material. The ideal and sustainable alternative to jute cord!

The Qlipr crop clamping system has acquired a solid position in the cucumber and tomato growing segments; Qlipr clamps have already been used with more than 30 million plants worldwide.  In addition to the stainless steel clamps, the well-known hot galvanised crop hooks have been part of the Qlipr success story for years. The crop hook was available in a standard length of 1.4 metres. However, the new planthooQ - the ‘crop hook 2.0’ - is available in any length. It also features a double stop to compensate for the different lengths used in summer and winter. Combined with the sustainable Qord it offers the perfect solution to keep plants in the right position! Another positive feature is that both the PlanthooQ and the sustainable Qord are just as easy to clean and disinfect as the other wires and cords you use for your crops.

Sustainable Qord

The sustainable Qord is another new innovation from Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen. This cord is made from special synthetic material with an ultra-strong inner core. This prevents the cord from swinging around the trusses and stalks when it is lowered; which is the case with conventional cords. The ridges on the Qord also keep the stainless steel clamps firmly in place. But the biggest advantage is perhaps that the synthetic material can be used and reused for years – the ultimate in sustainability!

Our PlanthooQ on location

Pellikaan introduces PlanthooQ Ultra Light

Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen is now going one step further with the introduction of the ‘PlanthooQ Ultra Light’. Read more >>

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