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About Pellikaan

Qlipr is developed by Cor Pellikaan. Qlipr is the result of years of experience and development. The worldwide efficient proven cultivation method is currently the most environmentally friendly and sustainable hanging system for cucumbers and tomatoes. 

Future-proof horticulture

The owner of Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen, Cor Pellikaan, has been active in the horticultural sector for 35 years. He focuses on the development of innovative products which contribute to efficient and sustainable horticulture. Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen also supports growers in the correct way of structuring and further optimizing the work processes at their company.

In addition to the Qlipr system, which has now acquired a solid market position, Pellikaan has developed various other innovations. Think of mechanical pollination of tomato cultivation, Qutefruit fruit moulds, special cultivation concepts / schedules, planning processes and a mechanical  tomato and cucumber harvesting and leaf cutting machine.

The success story of founder Cor Pellikaan

The success of Cor Pellikaan’s Qlipr trellising system has been achieved because it is based on a very simple tool which leads to significant process optimizations for growers as the number of actions are reduced and simplified. 

As the plant grows, the bottom clip will be replaced and the plant will slide down automatically along the plant hook. The plant will be pruned and all the shoots will be removed.  These  multiple operations can be done in one go, and therefore saving time and costs, as well as reducing plant damage. 

Rich in ideas

Qlipr is developed by Cor Pellikaan. Born and raised in the Westland amongst the greenhouses, he started with an agricultural contractor company in 1985. The tomato- and cucumber cultivation has no secrets to him. Effective and profitable work is the aim of every entrepreneur. And so it became Cor’s mission to develop ways to make the tomato- and cucumber cultivation as efficient as possible. 

The idea of a suspension system arose when Cor was lowering a tomato plant. It was about to fall down, but he caught it just in time. With the tomato plant in his hand, he wondered, why wouldn’t one hang the plant on the stem? Rope and clips wouldn’t be needed anymore, and it would make an improvement to  difficult and heavy cultivation operations. Cor's idea was received enthusiastically by the Innovation Centre (now called Syntens) and the Applied Scientific Research Institute.  And so it was in 1997, that we witnessed the birth of the Qlipr clipping system. 

Efficient and lucrative products

Nowadays, the company has grown into a business that focuses on the development and production of innovative products and services for the horticultural sector. Its aim is to make the cultivation of crops as efficient and lucrative as possible. Products and solutions of high quality, distinguished by its simplicity, sustainability and cost effectiveness. 

Together we come up with a simple solution!

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