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Unique cultivation system with many advantages

Qlipr is a sustainable and easy-to-use clamping system for cucumber- and tomatoplants, which works competitive compared to existing cultivation systems.

Qlipr consists out of a crop hook of 120 cm long (other lengths upon request), with two stainless steel clamps, equipped with a special developed foam insert piece.

From smaller to larger growers, from lower to higher greenhouses, from single to multiple wire systems; Qlipr offers many application possibillities. Even if you work with moveable wire, Qlipr is an excellent system for you. Qlipr can also be used for the traditional cucumber cultivation, because  the clamp is able to be used on decomposable jute rope.

The pride of a good crop


The advantages at a glance

  • Easy to use
  • Cost and time savings: multiple operations in one working pass
  • Better working conditions
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Once in a lifetime investment (write-off in 10 years)
  • Less damage to the plant, less movement, more light, more growstrength, and therefor, more yield in many ways

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