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PlanthooQ Ultra Light

Pellikaan introduces PlanthooQ Ultra Light

More light in the greenhouse thanks to new crop hook

"Light forms the foundation of good plant growth and development. ’One percent more light is one percent more yield’ is the most important rule in greenhouse horticulture. That is why it is important to make optimal use of the available light and to prevent shading as much as possible." That is told by Cor Pellikaan, owner of Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen. The company is launching the PlanthooQ Ultra Light. According to Cor, this is a revolution in the field. "This renewed crop hook delivers no less than ten percent light gain and is therefore the perfect tool for optimum light utilization."

No burlap rope or plastic clips

The PlanthooQ is part of the Qlipr system of Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen. Two stainless steel clamps are fixed on the hot-dip galvanized PlanthooQ - also called the crop hook - to allow the plant to grow. Burlap rope and plastic clips are therefore unnecessary. "Because the hook and the clamps last for years, it is extremely durable; something that is becoming increasingly important in today's horticulture. It is for a good reason that over 30 million cucumber and tomato plants already have been fitted with Qlipr clamps worldwide," says Cor.

Research also shows that the PlanthooQ - which is available in various lengths - intercepts significantly less light than traditional cultivation systems, where often bundles of rope are hanging at the top of the crop. "This also is a big win."

More light, more sustainable work

Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen is now going one step further with the introduction of the ‘PlanthooQ Ultra Light’. This is a crop hook with an even smaller diameter - and therefore less shadow effect - than the previous crop hook. The PlanthooQ Ultra Light is also provided with a light-reflecting coating.

"Thanks to all this, more natural light is allowed into the greenhouse and the available growth light can be used optimally. This leads to a whopping 10 percent light gain, according to research from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences," says Cor. "Naturally, while maintaining stability and quality of the hook."

According to Cor, the PlanthooQ Ultra Light helps growers to work even more sustainably. “The natural light, but also the grow light that is offered, is after all fully available to the plant. And therein lies a big advantage; mainly because the use of grow light requires a lot of energy and has a high CO2 footprint."


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Unique plant hook, named PlanthooQ

  • 20% Labour saving
  • A one time investment
  • Cost and time savings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable for life
  • Better working conditions

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Higher production efficiency

The PlanthooQ Ultra Light also offers the necessary benefits in terms of work. The applied coating ensures that the Qlipr clamps glide more smoothly over the hook. This speeds up the work, and a higher production efficiency can be achieved. “It is also important that the coating prevents dirt sticking to the hook less quickly. This minimizes the chance of viruses."

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