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Dutch Qlipr system nominated for Lidl Food Prize

Published on 8 March 2013 at 22:00

The Lidl Food price wants to encourage sustainable food production. The system, developed was by Cor Pellikaan of Pellikaan Crop clamp systems, a worldwide leader in cucumber cultivation. The system reduces food waste.  Basically it’s a crop hook made mostly of materials not containing plastic, so it does not have to be filtered when harvesting, but is grinded into compost. This, of course, minimizes waste and saves precious time during post-harvest. 

Dutch Qlipr System nominated for Lidl Food Price

The award is part of 'Sustainable Tuesday', an initiative implemented by public and private parties like IVN Netherlands, Green Wish, youth dome NJR, the Province of South Holland, Syntens, the Dutch Council of Women and Maurice Green Environment & Communication. On this day all the ideas contributing to a more sustainable society are collected and put in the limelight. The system for cucumber and tomato cultivation, developed by Pellikaan Crop clamp systems, is one of the three ideas that have been nominated for this award. In particular the longevity and durability achieved by Qlipr is an important asset.

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All data on Sustainable Tuesday can be found on www.duurzamedinsdag.nl.