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Pellikaan Crop Clipping Systems is a new participant at Demokwekerij Westland

Published on 3 January 2018 at 16:45

Make way for further innovations and new developments 

Pellikaan Crop Clipping Systems has become a participant at Demokwekerij Westland, the leading innovation centre for national and international horticulture. Cor Pellikaan sees the demonstration nursery - located in the heart of the national and international horticulture sector - as a perfect location for the development of new innovations.

Demokwekerij Westland, located in Honselersdijk (The Netherlands), initiates, organises, promotes and facilitates cultivation and technological innovations for national and international greenhouse horticulture. The nursery of tomorrow is developed here through demonstrations by participating companies, through knowledge transfer (courses, crop days, events, etc.) and through research work. Demokwekerij receives up to 15,000 professionals from home and abroad every year.

Pellikaan Crop Clipping Systems is one of 25 official horticultural suppliers at Demokwekerij. The Qlipr system from Pellikaan is presented in a permanent demonstration room at Demokwekerij Westland, as well as other innovative products. Pellikaan also collaborates with other companies and Demokwekerij on new innovations that contribute to efficient and sustainable deployment of labour within the global horticulture industry, such as the development of a mechanical pollination system for tomato cultivation.

Clear added value

There is a clear added value in various regards to participating in the demonstration nursery with the Pellikaan Crop Clipping system. "Demokwekerij Westland is an inspiring location, which is one of the best places around for establishing local and international contact and for doing field research," explained Cor Pellikaan. "This innovation centre for greenhouse cultivation is also the perfect place for shining the spotlight on our products to bring them to the attention of local and international companies in our sector. On top of that the location is in Westland, which is the Dutch centre of international horticulture."

Pellikaan Crop Clamp Systems on location

 Demokwekerij Westland is the new location for seeing Pellikaan Crop Clipping Systems in the field. You are welcome to pay us a visit if you have any questions, if you require more information or if you just want to catch up on the latest developments. We are sure to also have a cup of coffee ready for you!

You can find Demokwekerij Westland at Zwethlaan 52 in Honselersdijk in the Netherlands. For more information and detailed directions, please see www.demokwekerij.nl

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