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Qutefruit vegetables in a special shape. Cucumbers in a heart shape.

Vegetables in a special shape

As a grower and producer, you are always looking for new opportunities and outlets. Therefore we would like you to get acquainted with the heart shaped forms for mini and snack cucumbers. Qutefruit is a plastic mold, which transforms cucumbers into a trendy heart shaped snack. Great for kids, parties, Valentine, as decoration for a dish or buffet, et cetera.

A heart shape

The heart shape gives you a distinctive product in hands. And because the growth into a heart shape requires only a few days, you can quickly respond to the market demand. The implementation of other forms, such as a star or a flower, also belongs to the possibilities in the future.

Qutefruit mold

When the cucumbers are about two inches thick, the fruit is pushed into the Qutefruit mold. The mold gets closed with a strip.  After a few days, the cucumbers can be harvested. Special tools have been developed for the removal of the cucumber. You can choose a system that allows you to manually or automatically remove the cucumber strips. 

Specifications Qutefruit

  • Easy and fast to apply
  • No damage to the crop
  • The color and quality of the cucumber remain good
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Consists of two parts (shape and strip)
  • Convenient suspension mechanism in the strip
  • Because of universal concept, other shapes also possible

Qutefruit in de media

M&S has launched a 'Love Cue' for Valentine’s Day - a heart shaped cucumber grown in an M&S farm in Kent. But it is only going into these selected stores across the UK into 95 stores but once they’ve gone, that’s it.

When it comes to feeling the love, Marks and Spencer have pulled on our heartstrings with the release of a heart shaped cucumber for Valentine’s Day, called the ‘Love Cue’. Launching into 95 Marks and Spencer stores across the UK, the Love Cue is priced at just £1 - so showing someone you care don’t need to cost the earth.

This is a world first and has been grown in one of the M&S Select Farms in Kent. Lovingly cultivated in a heart shaped mould for that perfect heart every slice.

Perfect if you want to spruce up your gin and tonic, sandwiches or salads, but you need to act fast to get your hands on one as once they’ve gone, they’re gone for good.

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