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Qlipr is a sustainable and easy-to-use clamping system for cucumber- and tomatoplants, which works competitive compared to existing cultivation systems.

ShaQer is a mechanical pollination system.

It's an excelent solution to labour-intensive manual pollination and ready for the greenhouse market.

PlanthooQ is a new hook attachment system. The system is available in different lengths and offers maximum flexibility for various crops. 

PlanthooQ Ultra Light is a renewed crop hook delivers no less than ten percent light gain and is therefore the perfect tool for optimum light utilization

Qutefruit is a plastic mold, which transforms cucumbers into a trendy heart shaped snack. Great for kids, parties, decoration for a dish or buffet and many more options.

Included in your sample pack:

  • 10 pcs foam, color white, named ProteQ
  • 5 pcs foam, color blue, named ProteQ
  • 15 pcs clips, named Qlipr
  • 5 pcs hook, named PlanthooQ (choose your size)
  • 5 pcs of 2 mtr sustainable string, named sustainable Qord
  • 5 pcs extension, named StringhooQ