Cor Pellikaan about the Qlipr system and other sustainable horticultural innovations

“I believe we can contribute to the development of a truly circular greenhouse"

Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen develops smart applications for the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. The systems can now be applied to an even wider range of crops in both high-tech and low-tech horticulture. A good reason for an interview with Cor Pellikaan.

He stands at the helm of Pellikaan and has been a participant in World Horti Center and its predecessor Demokwekerij Westland since 2015. 

Pellikaan’s claim to fame is its Qlipr system. This new suspension system for cucumber and tomato plants, which was developed by Pellikaan, is a simple tool that contributes to significant process optimization for greenhouse horticulture companies. Compared to more traditional applications, the clip system simplifies and reduces the number of crop handling operations.

However, there are even more advantages to this system. It improves working conditions as well as the quality of the final product. In addition, a scent can be applied to the foam called proteQ and which is part of the Qlipr system to keep harmful insects at bay.

No more plastic waste thanks to Qlipr

Last but not least, the system contributes to a reduced environmental footprint – and that is very important to Cor. ‘The Qlipr system can play an important role in the transition from waste to compost and contribute to a truly circular greenhouse. That is my ambition: to contribute to a sustainable future for the horticulture industry’, says Cor. ‘The system is continually being expanded as a basis for even more sustainable and efficient innovations. In addition to low-tech markets, high-tech markets are now also showing interest in our product and we have customers all over the world. We have developed the product even further so that it can also be used to grow sweet peppers, aubergines, cucumbers, blackberries and raspberries,’ Cor continues with pride.

Future-proof horticulture

Pellikaan’s Qlipr system will be presented on World Horti Center’s year-round exhibition floor, together with other innovative products. Pellikaan also collaborates with other parties on new innovative ideas that contribute to the working conditions and sustainability of the greenhouse horticulture industry. One of these is the development of a mechanical pollination system for tomatoes, called shaQer. Another new Pellikaan product was launched during the Summer of Innovation at the World Horti Center: QuteFruit. This is a plastic mould that can be used to grow fruits and vegetables in various shapes – such as a heart. This gives fruit and vegetables an even greater decorative appeal and makes these products even more interesting for children.

The strength of World Horti Center 

‘The Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector is the global leader in its branch of industry. World Horti Center not only serves as a fantastic calling card for the sector; it also helps keep us at the forefront. It is here, at the World Horti Center, that the horticultural industry of tomorrow is developed through demonstrations by participating companies, the exchange of knowledge through activities such as training courses, events focusing on crop protection and other special events, and all the research that is conducted here. It is a meeting point for the greenhouse horticulture sector where more than 25,000 horticulture professionals from not only the Netherlands but the entire world come together,’ Cor proudly concludes.