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Conor Crickmore about The Farm of Neversink

"Our farming practices may be radical but they have resulted in our farm being one of the highest production farms per square foot in the country.

What can be more radical than removing the symbol of vegetable farming; the tractor? We practice farming by hand; replacing the tractor with hand tools. All

planting, cultivation, and harvesting is done manually, though we use modern tools and techniques that keep us efficient and competitive. We find that

farming this way is easier, more productive, and can produce vegetables of a higher quality."

Conor Crickmore | The farmer

Conor is passionate about educating small scale farmers in creating profitable and sustainable farms. He sees a future where the current agricultural landscape is replaced completely by tiny, yet successful family farms. Based on the achievements of Neversink Farm, he is confident this goal is achievable, especially if those farms cooperate to form new food distributions and processings systems. Checkout his free youtube educational videos.

Conor also wishes to bring more non-farmers into a more self reliant life that brings people closer to their own food by growing it themselves.

Neversink Farm used the Qlipr System

Neversink Farm has been using the Qlipr for then a decade. It's really nice how detailed the explanation is and what the advantages of the system are.

Urban Farming, the future of your food

For the year 2050, predictions are that the world population will have grown to 10 billion people. Of this number, about 70 percent will live in cities. This indicates clearly that the pressure on cities will increase in the coming decades. Without adaptations to the environment, the quality of life will come under pressure. Land and food will become scarcer and urban farming seems to be the solution to these shortages.

Neversink Farm

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Tomato Tips at Neversink Farm

Neversink Farm gives tips on tomato clips. At 11.15 minutes in the video below, Conor Crickmore explains why Neversink Farm likes to work with the Qlipr System.