Organic vegetable farm De Witte Beek about the Qlipr System

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De Witte Beek in Belgium

De Witte Beek is a small scale (1,5 ha) 'Community Shared Agriculture’ organic vegetable farm in Bierbeek, Belgium, providing an very diverse, year-round selection of vegetables. Tomatoes are clearly the most popular crop among our members and every year we love exploring their diversity, setting each year nearly 40 different varieties.

The ideal clipsystem for tomatoes and cucumbers

"Given the challenge of managing this complexity, we actively look for ways to streamline our work, both on our fields and our tunnels.

We recently stumbled across the Qlipr system and decided to switch over this year to use it for supporting our tomatoes and cucumbers in our 3 mobile high tunnels. I am a small woman, who always struggled to reach the hooks we previously used and was delighted to discover the Planthooq system, which allows me to easily and quickly install and remove the trellising system. Our entire team loves working with the Qlipr’s: lowering and leaning goes very quickly and smoothly with less damage to the plants. At the end of the crop we simply remove the clips ‘et voilà!’ We love it! "

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